Our clones and genetics

Photos of the strains

T-1 Babies

T-1 hemp clones

These are just a few of our T-1 strain baby clones. 

T-1 Juveniles

T-1 hemp clones

This is an example of many of the T-1 Juveniles we have ready for purchase.

T-1 Mothers


These are the T-1 Mothers from which we harvest all of our baby clones from.

Wife Babies

wife hemp clones baby

Some of our Wife baby clones. 

Wife Juveniles

wife hemp clone juveniles

Several Wife Juveniles that are ready to go to their new homes.

Wife Mothers

wife hemp clone mothers

This is a great example of our Wife Mothers. 


Here you can download our 2019 Clone Contract or view our Certificate of Anaylysis for our Strains. 

You can complete the Clone Contract and email it back directly to katherine@homegrownco.life

Original COA's (pdf)


2019-Clone-Order-Form-5-2019 -1 (docx)